Project Management in Business
Semester 1 ** Individual assignment 2
Due date: ****
Weight: 35%
General instructions
In order to undertake the assignment, students should do the following:
• Submission: You should submit the assignment at the link provided on Canvas. You should
name the submission file as follows: SID.pdf, e.g., 123456.pdf. Please note that you
SHOULD NOT provide your names (first names or family names) in the assignment document.
• For further information, please refer to the business school policies:
• You are not permitted to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT etc. to
generate material that you will then evaluate and analyse. AI tools cannot be relied
upon to generate responses that will adequately address the requirements of the
assessment. Their undeclared use will be reported as a major breach of policy for
• You can submit the assignment only once! Please make sure that the file that you
submit is the final version.
The following format details are required for the report
1. Cover page – including course name, title of report, and Student ID
2. Table of contents
3. Section headings of the report specified under “Requirements” for each part in the next page.
4. Use Portrait orientation
5. Use Arial font, size 11 points
6. Use 1.5 spacing
7. Use A4 paper
8. Please submit the assignment as a pdf file.
Word limit
Maximum 2500 words +/-10%. Cover page, table of contents, executive summary and
bibliography are not included in word count.
General Expectations:
• Clear, well-structured and written report that captures major aspects of the topic in a succinct
• Conduct your own research to support your arguments. Please carry out online searches at
the USYD library web site for relevant references.
• Proof-read and sense check your report before submitting it.
• Remember requirements of avoiding plagiarism and in-text referencing (please see slides in
the assignment section of Canvas).
We discussed in the course that agile project management approach has been gaining in popularity
in recent years. Rapidly changing business and technology environments have supported adoption
of this flexible approach to managing projects. However, there are also important challenges in
using agile methodology. Based on your research, this assignment asks you to explore
challenges which need to be considered in using agile approach for managing projects and to make
appropriate recommendations which organisations may adopt to accomplish successful project
outcomes using the approach.
The assignment must contain the following sections:
1. Executive summary – A summary of the key points of your report.
2. Introduction – Discuss the rationale of the research and provide an overview of how the report
is structured.
3. Body – You must use the following headings (themes) to organise the body of the report (you
may shorten these headings in your report). You may use subheadings within each of these
headings. Please use research evidence (including journal article and case study
references) to support your discussion of these themes.
a) Discussion of key drivers which prompt organisations to adopt agile approach to manage
their projects.
b) Analysis of key challenges which may lead to failure of projects managed using agile
c) Evaluation of key attributes of an effective self-organising team for undertaking an agile
d) Evaluation of key challenges in scaling up agile approach to undertake large projects.
e) Well-argued recommendations to enhance success rates of projects which use agile
4. Conclusion – This is not a summary, but a discussion of the key findings from your
research/analysis and their implications.
5. Bibliography: Use the Business School Referencing Guide (APA 6th or 7th edition)







• 提交:你应在Canvas上提供的链接提交作业。


 • 你不得使用诸如ChatGPT等人工智能 (AI) 工具生成材料,然后对其进行评估和分析。AI工具不能生成足以满足评估要求的响应,未声明的使用将被报告为重大违规行为,接受调查。

• 你只能提交一次作业!请确保提交的文件是最终版本。 报告格式要求如下:

  1. 封面页 – 包括课程名称、报告标题和学生ID
  2. 目录
  3. 报告各部分的标题,详见下一页“要求”部分。
  4. 使用纵向排版
  5. 使用Arial字体,大小11点
  6. 使用1.5倍行距
  7. 使用A4纸张
  8. 请将作业以pdf文件格式提交。

字数限制 最多2500字,±10%。封面页、目录、执行摘要和参考文献不计入字数。


• 报告应清晰、结构良好,简明扼要地捕捉主题的主要方面。

• 进行自己的研究以支持你的论点。请在悉尼大学图书馆网站上进行在线搜索以获取相关参考资料。

• 在提交前请校对并检查报告的内容。 • 记住避免抄袭的要求并进行文内引用(请参见Canvas中作业部分的幻灯片)。





  1. 执行摘要 – 报告关键点的摘要。
  2. 引言 – 讨论研究的基本原理并概述报告的结构。
  3. 正文 – 你必须使用以下标题(主题)来组织报告正文(你可以在报告中简化这些标题)。你可以在每个标题下使用子标题。请使用研究证据(包括期刊文章和案例研究参考文献)来支持对这些主题的讨论。 a) 讨论促使组织采用敏捷方法管理其项目的关键驱动因素。 b) 分析可能导致敏捷方法管理的项目失败的关键挑战。 c) 评估有效自组织团队进行敏捷项目的关键属性。 d) 评估将敏捷方法扩大到大型项目的关键挑战。 e) 提出增强使用敏捷方法的项目成功率的有力建议。
  4. 结论 – 这不是总结,而是对研究/分析的关键发现及其影响的讨论。
  5. 参考文献:使用商学院引用指南(APA第6版或第7版)。

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